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Written and Directed by Erahm Christopher

Produced by Brooke Dooley and Erahm Christopher

Not Rated: Contains some language, violence and intense emotional content.

Synopsis:  tells the story of what happens when we don’t pay attention. It’s about all of us and how we impact each other. Created in response to the unsettling epidemic that’s killing many of us, this film is an alarm to face the truth that how you listen defines what happens to you and those you love.

COPYRIGHT WARNING: The motion picture contained in this video is protected under the copyright laws of the United States and other countries. This video is sold for home use only and all other rights are expressly reserved by the copyright owner of such motion pictures. Any copying or public performance of such motion picture is strictly prohibited and may subject the offender to civil liability and severe criminal penalties. (Title 17, United States Code, Section 501 and 506)

ADDITIONAL DISCLAIMER: This electronic rental and/or purchase of the motion picture entitled Listen is for personal home use only and excludes the use in locations including, but not limited to clubs, churches, conferences, hospitals, hotels, prisons and schools. Any unauthorized duplication, editing, distribution or exhibition may result in legal action and fines.

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21 ratings
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